The First Word – A Journey Into The Unknown

Hi guys! 

I hope that the first week of October has been good for you. 

This week I’d like to talk about my journey into the written word. 

It started when I was thirteen in the third year of secondary school. Secondary is the UK version of High School. This was when I was being re integrated back into the system as I’d been home tutored due to being badly bullied. 

A familiar question writers get asked is where did the inspiration come from to write? 

To this day I’m still trying to figure that one out. 

All I can remember is sitting down at a computer and after exhausting the option to ‘paint’, an application that’s on most Windows PC’S I opened a Microsoft Word Document where my fingers began typing away. 

I felt this incredible buzz that was out of this world. 

Soon, I was spending all the time I could get at school writing. That became my first attempt at writing a novel. 

As most first novels it was a total mess. It didn’t have a theme. It had no real plot line and the characters were hard to read. 

The story was actually a cross over between the movie Bring It On which is a film about cheerleading and the award winning drama Bad Girls about a women’s prison. I was obsessed with the two of them at that age and anyone reading it would be able to tell that. 

I don’t possess a copy of it anymore as it was a part of the school’s system. I did print it out, but I’ve misplaced it somewhere and can’t find it. 

Although it was a total flop it did teach me two things. 

One – it doesn’t matter how you start a novel or piece of writing at the beginning. All that’s important is getting the words down no matter how they come to you. 

Two – to enjoy the creation process. 

So, there you have it. 

Sometimes it’s not about the destination, but enjoying the scenery as you travel. 

Same goes for writing, or any part of life, really. 

Thanks for reading, 

Until next week, 


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NaNoWriMo – Day Three


Pages – Twenty Four
Word Count – 8,205

Hi guys!

Here we are! The third day!

Today’s writing session went the same as yesterday’s. Painful and more painful. I think this is because of the way that I’ve decided to write it. I’m wriitng it in third person and as I’ve said previously it’s not my greatest point. As there are two characters I thought the best way to write it would be to use that POV (point of view for those who are unfamiliar with the abbrievation). What better time than NaNoWriMo to get acquainted with something that you aren’t good at doing? Not only is the story new territory but the POV is completely new to me, too.

My two characters have been through the mill, both off page and on.

Daniel who is fifteen has been a subject of relentless violence. He’s the kind of character I’ve never wrote before. He’s got an arrogance about him that only his friends could admire and a abd boy that all the girls want hanging off their arm. There’s a reason for his arrogance. His mum divorced his dad nine months ago after they’d argued relentlessly for the past two years, of which Daniel, or Danny as his friends call him, got himself into some trouble. Hence, the violence.

Adria who is eighteen, is Daniel’s sister. She has had to be her mum’s rock throughout the divorce. Not an easy task since she took to alcohol to soften the blow. Adria has had no choice but to take her mum’s place by paying bills and sorting out the weekly shop. Seeing Daniel come home every night in cuts and scratches doesn’t ease the stress. Not only his her mum in disarray but also her brother. She is desperate to help him but the only way is to pay off the guys he’s crossed. The only to do so, is to sell her soul.

I’m still uncertain at the themes that have been raised so far.

Well, maybe with time that’ll change.

Keep on writing. Remember that the page can’t tell you how to write and whichever way you add writing to it, you’re doing it right. 🙂

I believe in you 🙂

Until tomorrow,


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