The Girl With All The Gifts: A Book Review

Hi guys! 

With just under a week to go until the movie hits UK cinemas what better time to talk about the book. 

The Girl With All The Gifts is about a 10-year old girl called Melanie who is kept in a cell and doesn’t think she’s any different than other kids her age. 

She’s not. 

She sits in a classroom and is taught by a different range of teachers, her favourite being Miss Justineau who treats her like a human being instead of a threat. 

Like her classmates she is a zombie, but she can think and has feelings. 

Some of the staff disagree, however. 

One of those is Dr. Caldwell whose job is to remove the brains of the children to find a cure for humanity. Her particular interest is in Melanie. 

The story is full of twists and turns as the base is infiltrated with hungries. They are forced to exist outside where it is dangerous and their only option is to head for Beacon. Question is do they make it out alive and will Dr. Caldwell get Melanie as her prize? 

I’m not going to reveal the ending. That would just be cruel. I personally love this. The relationship between Melanie and Miss Justineau is just heartwarming and adds a tenderness to the story. The mention of Pandora and Greek Myths was also a quick pathway to my interests. 

I cannot wait to see this although I have my doubts that it will live up to the book, but I’ll remain optimistic. 

If you haven’t read it I highly recommend you pick it up right now and read it. 

If you have read it what did you think? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

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Writing in Progress – A Recap

In some ways my fourth rewrite of Pandora’s Kiss has been a total pain in the backside but in others it has been the turning point needed.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pandora’s Kiss I will explain the nub and gist. Pandora’s Kiss is about three girls who live in three different parts of the world but attend the same school. They are able to do so because the story is set in a time where the Earth is all in one piece and not separated across various oceans.

They all harbour great desires. Desires to which would see them tortured or even killed. You can meet my three main characters in other blog posts. Look for Rosie, Leah and Sylvie.

They find that reaching for their desires has actually written their destiny as they come to meet three women who are deities to another world and they disclose that they can save Episkopos from a terrible fate but only if they free the Seniorems and their protectors.

How do they do this? Well, as the girls are Verbotens, gifts from the gods with extraordinary powers they have to use them to locate their actual whereabouts.  Although that’s easy said than done as identities change and locations differ.

The ending sees the Moirai retrieve Pandora’s Box to seal away the souls of the Seniorems for good and to cast a dark shadow of chaos over Episkopos for many decades to come. And a revelation from one of the deities sends Rosie into a tailspin which paves the way for the next book.

The most trouble I have had with this book is the setting. I have been flitting between medieval and modern day. I have recently thought about leaving Christianity out of it as it’s just a few decades from when the world started but that’s just an idea.