Hi guys! 

Hurrah! Some good news at last! 

The progress is tiny, but progress is progress. 

I’ve heard it said that sometimes when you’re struggling to figure something out its best to make it last priority. 

Well, over the last couple of weeks or so I did just that with my revising and on Thursday I had the breakthrough I’d been hoping for. 

I was busy doing housework when an idea struck me. Bam! Just. Like. That. 

What if I was to start with Pandora’s creation and receiving the gifts that the Gods and Goddesses gave her? 

The idea brought back that fizzle that had been missing. 

I took some time to think logically. I know as writers we’re supposed to go with it, but I’d done that so many times and had got lost. Would it be too obvious opening with Pandora and naming the book Pandora’s Kiss? 

The story world itself wouldn’t be the way without her (or Lamia, my minitagonist to be precise), so I guess it’s only right to open with her. 

I’ve started revising, putting it right at the front to see how it comes across and if it would work. 

Hopefully this might be the start of good things to come. 

Can a book title be too obvious? If so, is that ever a bad thing? 

Hope you all have a great week. 

Until next time, 


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NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty Nine


Pages: One Hundred and Ninety Four
Word Count: 65,158

Hi guys!

The eve of the last NaNoWriMo day is dawning. How are you all doing? Are you nearly at the finish line? Perhaps you still have a way to go? Or are you well on your way to finishing your novel? 

I talked a little bit about planning for my next novel and being inspired by Enya. Obviously,  this novel won’t be a work in progress until later next year. After all, I have JanuWriMo in January where I’ll be writing a crime/thriller, then I’ll be revisiting Pandora’s Kiss in February and that should take up some time.

The story idea that I have is a bit daunting as it involves a particular time in my past that still haunts me today so I’m a bit weary about going there. It’s not something I want to do but as the saying goes if you can’t shake an idea off then it’s got to be written about. Just scares me half to death thinking about it.

Have you ever had an idea like that? A one so strong where it’s with you every single moment and you can’t shake it off?

The last time this happened it was with Pandora’s Kiss. It’s so unexpected.

Pandora’s Kiss still occupies most of my thoughts, too. Even though it’s away and I’m not supposed to think about it.  I try to push it away when it happens, though. No point revisiting it of it’s still fresh in my head.

Best of luck wherever you are in your WIP’s. 

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,