Hi guys! 

Hurrah! Some good news at last! 

The progress is tiny, but progress is progress. 

I’ve heard it said that sometimes when you’re struggling to figure something out its best to make it last priority. 

Well, over the last couple of weeks or so I did just that with my revising and on Thursday I had the breakthrough I’d been hoping for. 

I was busy doing housework when an idea struck me. Bam! Just. Like. That. 

What if I was to start with Pandora’s creation and receiving the gifts that the Gods and Goddesses gave her? 

The idea brought back that fizzle that had been missing. 

I took some time to think logically. I know as writers we’re supposed to go with it, but I’d done that so many times and had got lost. Would it be too obvious opening with Pandora and naming the book Pandora’s Kiss? 

The story world itself wouldn’t be the way without her (or Lamia, my minitagonist to be precise), so I guess it’s only right to open with her. 

I’ve started revising, putting it right at the front to see how it comes across and if it would work. 

Hopefully this might be the start of good things to come. 

Can a book title be too obvious? If so, is that ever a bad thing? 

Hope you all have a great week. 

Until next time, 


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Hope: Ordinary or Extraordinary? 

Hi guys! 

Hope you’ve all had a great week! 

What makes a character extraordinary in your view? 

I’ll tell you a bit about my main character, Seori (or Rosie as an alternative. I haven’t decided on which is better). 

She is thirteen in my current draft, but thinking of aging her up to fourteen/fifteen. Having her younger makes it more middle grade fiction and I’d rather the book fall into YA. It’s just a hunch I have. She receives a letter from her biological mum and learns that she’s a Verboten. 

Now, anyone who is Verboten is denied the right to live by the Moirai, my story world’s answer to government. 

The Moirai have rules which restrict everybody to conform. Everybody’s identity is stripped. They are known only by number codes and each have uniforms to wear. Seori is a name that is found on the letter. 

There’s a reason why being a Verboten is known to be a one way ticket to death. 

Verbotens have powers that the Moirai can only dream of acquiring. 

Seori’s power is Psychometry. She can trace dead or missing people by reading jewellery. 

Most of my characters will evolve into Gods and Goddesses. 

Seori also learns that she provides others hope and optimism. But how she finds that out will remain a secret. 

Does providing people hope make her an extraordinary character? 

I think hope is an extraordinary thing. It’s the one thing that failed to escape Pandora’s Box, but sometimes hope can also be a catalyst for problems. 

It’s something I’ll spend some time considering. 

That’s all for this week, 

Until next time, 


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The Light Bulb Moment


Ideas are funny things. They can give you one half of your story, but leave a huge gap in your logic as to why it should be that way in particular.

My relationship with my ideas is as distant as it gets. They come like fluttering butterflies and then leave instantly leaving me to think. Why enter my brain with a jigsaw piece which doesn’t fit anywhere?

This has been me for eight years now. Getting ideas and trying to figure out where they should go or why they are when in my brain to start with.

I’d been having trouble placing the setting of my story world. There was no clear setting as I was using both past and present in the first half of the story, which some had mentioned had confused them.

It made me think. Which one do I want to use most? Which one am I more tailored to portraying to the best of my ability? 

The answer was neither.

I’ve come up with a world which is neither past, present or futuristic. It sounds confusing. You need a distinct setting so that the reader can identify that from the get go. To do otherwise is just insane!

I’d thought that, too.

But what if there was a world behind Chaos? What if everything existed in its own form by the Gods who decided who best to look after it?

The meaning of Chaos is ‘a disorderly mess.’ Meaning, it’s not meant to make sense, it’s meant to be confusing.

It might be a mad idea to assume such a thing. It might not even be logical but to me, it’s like the puzzle piece I was given all those years ago is finally in its place.

It goes to show that ideas, although they don’t always come with explanations, can guide you. You don’t know why it is but that’s what makes you write. To discover the meaning behind it.

Next time a weird idea hits you. Don’t hesitate. Just write.

Have a great week!