Hi guys! 

Hurrah! Some good news at last! 

The progress is tiny, but progress is progress. 

I’ve heard it said that sometimes when you’re struggling to figure something out its best to make it last priority. 

Well, over the last couple of weeks or so I did just that with my revising and on Thursday I had the breakthrough I’d been hoping for. 

I was busy doing housework when an idea struck me. Bam! Just. Like. That. 

What if I was to start with Pandora’s creation and receiving the gifts that the Gods and Goddesses gave her? 

The idea brought back that fizzle that had been missing. 

I took some time to think logically. I know as writers we’re supposed to go with it, but I’d done that so many times and had got lost. Would it be too obvious opening with Pandora and naming the book Pandora’s Kiss? 

The story world itself wouldn’t be the way without her (or Lamia, my minitagonist to be precise), so I guess it’s only right to open with her. 

I’ve started revising, putting it right at the front to see how it comes across and if it would work. 

Hopefully this might be the start of good things to come. 

Can a book title be too obvious? If so, is that ever a bad thing? 

Hope you all have a great week. 

Until next time, 


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All of a Cluster – More Fun With Writing!

Hi guys,

This week, as promised, I’m going to talk about creating clusters to help you write. 

I first came across clusters during a Level 2 Creative Writing Course with the Open University. For those who aren’t familiar with what that is it’s just like a normal University, but you can study at home instead of on campus. And it is, or was a little bit cheaper than studying at a brick base. 

It’s quite simple to make a cluster. All you do is take a fresh page and choose a word or phrase which represents what you want to write about. 

Some examples of are; 






Or phrases such as;

Love at first sight

If at first you don’t succeed

With power comes great responsibility 

Once you’ve chosen your word/phrase you circle it, then write down every connection you can think of. As shown below. 

Now, hopefully yours will be much better than mine, but it should give you a general idea of what to aim for. Try not to overthink it, just let it flow naturally from the nucleus. 
A cluster gives you a visual map of thought. It helps your writing and can act as a blueprint for whichever piece of work you wish to create. You can use clustering to spark writing. 

Next week will be the final post of the writing exercise series where I’ll explore freewriting and it’s capabilities as a bade for a writing idea. 

Thanks for reading, 

Until next time, 


Back From the Brink


Hi guys!

The short break has done me the world of good. I’m slowly making progress with revising/editing my novel, Pandora’s Kiss. I’m much happier with the way it’s going (for the moment at least). How long that will last I don’t know.

I’ve also got an idea for my NaNo project in November. There’ll be more about that closer to the time, but I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty epic.

I was and still am, very saddened by the news of the shooting in Orlando. I was humbled to see many communities come together in remembrance of the forty nine that lost their lives.

Vigils have also been held here in the UK as a Labour politician was shot dead. Her name was Jo Cox.

Regardless of her job description she was a human being. She had a family. She was someone’s wife, daughter, friend and mother.

It’s news like this that leaves me shell shocked.

Why, in this day and age is it easier to hate than love?

It’s something I don’t have the answer to.

Whatever the reason we must love more and hate less.

Otherwise what is the point?


That’s all from me this week.

Until next time,


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A Voyage Into The Unknown


Hi guys!

Nearly at the end of week two of editing.
I’ve found that my original plan using three characters wasn’t working as well as I’d first thought. This left me with a problem.

I’d tried using different POV’s to portray the story in the past. Writing in third person seemed to confuse the reader and boggle me and second was out of the question. I’d also tried writing with just the one character then two. Although they’d interested me the pull to still use my three characters that I’d started with. The rewrites were all completed that way.

What do you do when nothing fits your image? How do you stop yourself from throwing the manuscript away?

I was close, but many rock songs later and much head banging I decided that it could be fixed.

I turned to a friend for advice.

She advised me to cull a character and tell the story with just two. This proved to be tricky. The only character that I liked and still felt a connection to was Seori, my silent hell raiser. I’d thought about telling the story using her only. That idea hasn’t been knocked on the head.

A thought had re occurred. What if I was to teIl it using the protagonist/antagonist? This ignited the spark, along with the talk I had with my friend and I was able to get back to it… After making sure the little details were perfect.

Last night I went back to an opening scene of Seori and edited it by 800 words. I’ve written up Desdemona’s part. Time will tell if it’s the right fit. I’ll also be working on the one character alongside it.

I was hoping that it was just going to be a straight edit and not another rewrite, but some scenes might need to be to work.

Oh well. That’s the joys of editing.

Who are your favourite villains and why?

Hope you are all well.

Until next week,


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NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty Nine


Pages: One Hundred and Ninety Four
Word Count: 65,158

Hi guys!

The eve of the last NaNoWriMo day is dawning. How are you all doing? Are you nearly at the finish line? Perhaps you still have a way to go? Or are you well on your way to finishing your novel? 

I talked a little bit about planning for my next novel and being inspired by Enya. Obviously,  this novel won’t be a work in progress until later next year. After all, I have JanuWriMo in January where I’ll be writing a crime/thriller, then I’ll be revisiting Pandora’s Kiss in February and that should take up some time.

The story idea that I have is a bit daunting as it involves a particular time in my past that still haunts me today so I’m a bit weary about going there. It’s not something I want to do but as the saying goes if you can’t shake an idea off then it’s got to be written about. Just scares me half to death thinking about it.

Have you ever had an idea like that? A one so strong where it’s with you every single moment and you can’t shake it off?

The last time this happened it was with Pandora’s Kiss. It’s so unexpected.

Pandora’s Kiss still occupies most of my thoughts, too. Even though it’s away and I’m not supposed to think about it.  I try to push it away when it happens, though. No point revisiting it of it’s still fresh in my head.

Best of luck wherever you are in your WIP’s. 

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,


NaNoWriMo: Day Nineteen


Pages: One Hundred and Thirty Eight
Word Count: 46,148

Hi guys!


Finally. I’ve managed to have a decent night’s sleep. About time.

Last night was the first time that it felt like I had a story to work with. I’m still not as excited about it as I am with my other ideas but at least it feels more solid. I feel good about that.

The chapter I wrote last night involved Daniel working for Declan and meeting one of the many faces of the Underworld. Adria became Robert’s girlfriend and accompanied him to a charity gala. Only to have her hopes dashed by his offhand comments about drugs.

I can feel the whole plot darken writing this.

I also wrote a speech said by the Kharites that discussed the Mousai and their misleading ways for Book Three of the series. That will be revealed at some point next year. Stay tuned for that.

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,


NaNoWriMo: Day Eighteen


Pages: One Hundred and Thirty One
Word Count: 43,855

Hi guys!

Firstly, thanks again for all of your likes and follows. I appreciate every single one.

Third day without a decent night’s sleep. Another night and I’ll officially be a zombie.

Exhaustion hasn’t set in yet. My brain is running on double time and I’m remembering things well but I really wish it would quieten down and let me sleep.

With all this energy in my system you’d think I’d be non stop I’d be well on my way to a finished draft. No such luck.

I spent most of October looking forward to writing my project but now that we’re over a couple of weeks in the idea isn’t as appealing or exciting as it was when I was outlining it.

Always the way it works, eh?

I’m battling on, though. Even if my head is rattling around with exciting ideas and plotlines.

The story idea I had was for the third book in my series. It’ll feature the Muses (Mousai) and the premise of dreams and the cost of fulfilling them. Hardly a great time to be planning a third book when my first is tucked away in my drawer until February. The second one has been planned loosely but nothing is certain.

I’m barely containing my excitement at looking over Pandora’s Kiss. It’s taking every ounce of strength to not take it out now but I’m resisting.

I hope you are all doing well and meeting your word count goals.

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,