Writing Playlists: Oath to Order or Order to Chaos

Hi guys! 

Writing Playlists are always a topic of conversation amongst writers. Should you have one? Should you listen to anything while working on your WIP? How do you know what will compliment your genre? 

I can’t answer those questions. If you’re a writer the only person who can is you. Only you will know your preference and everybody likes different things. 

Ever since I started writing thirteen years ago I’ve never been able to write without music playing. I’d listen to whatever was played on the radio whether it be a sad song or 8O’s pop. I have always found it hard to write in silence. This has its downsides because I find myself getting distracted by lyrics or the rhythm of the song. Luckily it only happens on the odd occasion. 

It’s only recently that I’ve put a writing playlist together. I’ll share it with you. 

Within Temptation- And We Run

Moby –                           After

Within Temptation-   Mother Earth

Enya –                               Wild Child 

Evanescence-                 Hello

Within Temptation-     Shot In The Dark

Enya-                          Return to Innocence

Enya-                           The Cults

Within Temptation-   Faster

Within Temptation-    Our Farewell

We Are The Fallen-       I Am Only One 

These are just some of what I like to listen to while writing. There’s more to add at a later date which is always fun to do. 

As Pandora’s Kiss is a Dystopian Fantasy I find myself being drawn to gothic/alternative metal to write to the most. Q

I hope you enjoyed reading my playlist. 

Until next week, 


With thanks to Álvaro Serrano for the image via Unsplash.com 


NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty Nine


Pages: One Hundred and Ninety Four
Word Count: 65,158

Hi guys!

The eve of the last NaNoWriMo day is dawning. How are you all doing? Are you nearly at the finish line? Perhaps you still have a way to go? Or are you well on your way to finishing your novel? 

I talked a little bit about planning for my next novel and being inspired by Enya. Obviously,  this novel won’t be a work in progress until later next year. After all, I have JanuWriMo in January where I’ll be writing a crime/thriller, then I’ll be revisiting Pandora’s Kiss in February and that should take up some time.

The story idea that I have is a bit daunting as it involves a particular time in my past that still haunts me today so I’m a bit weary about going there. It’s not something I want to do but as the saying goes if you can’t shake an idea off then it’s got to be written about. Just scares me half to death thinking about it.

Have you ever had an idea like that? A one so strong where it’s with you every single moment and you can’t shake it off?

The last time this happened it was with Pandora’s Kiss. It’s so unexpected.

Pandora’s Kiss still occupies most of my thoughts, too. Even though it’s away and I’m not supposed to think about it.  I try to push it away when it happens, though. No point revisiting it of it’s still fresh in my head.

Best of luck wherever you are in your WIP’s. 

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,


NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty Eight


Pages: One Hundred and Eighty
Word Count: 62, 418

Hi guys!

I tried desperately to think of a topic for today’s post but all was lost. All I could think of was incessant babble and things that I’d sworn to keep away from my blogging posts.

Have you been writing listening to music during NaNoWriMo? Do you listen to music while writing in general? Writing my novel for NaNoWriMo I’ve been listening to Spotify playlists. Everything from dance to progressive rock to country. I always try to find one that goes hand in hand with the scene that I’m writing. While writing Adria’s I used gothic metal (with her despairing about her relationship with Robert) and for Daniel’s I used a pop/dance playlist for his reunion with Rosa.

I usually listen to music while writing a first draft of a novel. Sometimes it inspires me and other times it can be a distraction and stifle my creativity. It all depends on my mood and how my brain operates at the time.

When I first started writing Pandora’s Kiss eight years ago I used to listen to the radio, which as you know, is all very random. I didn’t focus on the music|
back then; it never fuelled my imagination or changed the direction the story was going in. Although, I do remember going to bed one night, the radio still playing away and Leona Lewis’s version of Run started playing. It created a vision of one of my character’s dying from battle and it was so vivid and fitting that I decided to run with it.

I’m pleased to say that she survived in previous drafts along with many others. The current draft doesn’t feature anybody dying which is good news for them.

Music can inspire us and act as a pathway to take us back to a place in time- whether happy or sad. It’s one of the things that I love about it.

I’m currently listening to Enya a lot andI’m currently listening to Enya a lot and letting it lead the way to create another story that’s lingering away in my head.

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,