A New Month

Hi guys! 

Happy 1st October!

The build up to Halloween begins! 

For that reason, October has to be my favorite month. I’m not a big fan of the days getting shorter or them getting colder. Especially when I have a hard time getting and staying warm as it is. But I do like seeing all of the different coloured leaves scattered on the pavements and scouting around for conkers. 

We are one month away from National Novel Writing Month. Have you started planning yet? Or perhaps if you’re anything like me you’ll spend this month putting together a brief outline to get you through. 

I’m unorganized at the best of times. Even more so with revising my WIP. 

I’m wondering whether to start a new novel for NaNoWriMo or whether to focus on the revision of my current novel. I’m not sure which would be best to do right now. It’s a possibility that I might have to sit this one out. 

Nothing has been decided yet, but no doubt I’ll know one way or the other. 

That’s all from me this week. 

Hope you have had a great week and that you continue to reach your goals. 

Until next time, 


With thanks to James Pritchett for the image via Unsplash.com


Adult Colouring Books (my new addiction)


Hi guys!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the craze that is adult colouring books  over the recent months. I picked up my first one on Saturday and was so excited to dive right in and give it a go.

After not having a particularly good week with my anxiety and depression it was right up my street. I’d heard people say that it relieves the feelings and gives you an uplifting boost. On Sunday I sat down with my colouring pencils and felt tips and and just coloured away.

I’m not artistically gifted when drawing my own things so this was the next best thing in adapting myself creatively. I found it very relaxing and calm during the session and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their issues of mental health.

I had a hard time choosing which one to purchase as I loved the Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden books and I was torn between not getting them but I’m pleased I decided to purchase this one. The pictures are absolutely stunning and it also gives you the opportunity to draw. An absolute no no for me! 🙂

Currently, my writing stands at 32K which is going to be very problematic as I’m only on Chapter Nine. It’s the first draft that I’ve ever went way out of the word count within the first several chapters.

Anyway, here’s the finished product and I’ll be back with more fun soon.

Have a good week!