Lightning Nib – Freewriting Exercise

Hi guys! 

Here we are with the last post of the writing exercises. 

Freewriting is pretty self- explanatory, so I won’t go into too much detail. 

Freewriting is an exercise where you time yourself for a short amount of time and write about absolutely anything. The time can be anywhere from five minutes to half an hour. I find it best to write for ten minutes using a timer. 

I also use writing prompts as a starter, too. 

You can use your own, or find one using a generator. Here are a couple to check out:>writing generate>first line generator

Freewriting has no boundaries. The only simple rule is to write whatever comes to you. As it is with all writing exercises that’s the beauty of it. 

I hope the posts have been of some use. 

Have a great week! 


With thanks to Luis llerena for the image via


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