All of a Cluster – More Fun With Writing!

Hi guys,

This week, as promised, I’m going to talk about creating clusters to help you write. 

I first came across clusters during a Level 2 Creative Writing Course with the Open University. For those who aren’t familiar with what that is it’s just like a normal University, but you can study at home instead of on campus. And it is, or was a little bit cheaper than studying at a brick base. 

It’s quite simple to make a cluster. All you do is take a fresh page and choose a word or phrase which represents what you want to write about. 

Some examples of are; 






Or phrases such as;

Love at first sight

If at first you don’t succeed

With power comes great responsibility 

Once you’ve chosen your word/phrase you circle it, then write down every connection you can think of. As shown below. 

Now, hopefully yours will be much better than mine, but it should give you a general idea of what to aim for. Try not to overthink it, just let it flow naturally from the nucleus. 
A cluster gives you a visual map of thought. It helps your writing and can act as a blueprint for whichever piece of work you wish to create. You can use clustering to spark writing. 

Next week will be the final post of the writing exercise series where I’ll explore freewriting and it’s capabilities as a bade for a writing idea. 

Thanks for reading, 

Until next time, 



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