Alphabetti – Writing Exercises Continued

Hi guys! 

Following on from last week’s post I’d like to introduce you to another exercise. 

You might guess from the title of this post that it’s something to do with the alphabet. You guessed right. 

For this writing exercise all you need is a pen, paper and a letter of the alphabet. Or if you’re on the move a notepad app will work just fine. 

All you do is pick your letter at random (or whichever one comes into your head) and use it for each word. Twenty six times. 

Here’s an example; 

Annabelle always answered adverts accepting advice advocacy and aliens anarchy aardvarks allocating animals anomalies arising atrociously amusing attributing anonymousity attire air avocado apple arcade are applicable. 

As you can see it makes no sense. But it’s not supposed to. 

The aim of any writing exercise is to de-clutter the mind. Do NOT look for perfection in any of your exercises. That’s for your WIP. 

An exercise, however, can spark an idea. From the gobble-de-gook above many questions are formed. Why does Annebelle answer these adverts? What exactly is she hoping to gain from it? How does it impact her life? 

Exercises can be the little grain of magic that you need when you’re lost for ideas. 

Next week I will continue talking about freewriting and word clusters as a way of exercising the written word. 

Until then I hope you have a good week, 


With thanks to Amador Loureiro for the image via 


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