Writing Exercises – The Writer’s Toolbox

Hi guys! 

This week I’m going to spend some time talking about exercising with words. 

I’ve owned The Writer’s Toolbox for a couple of years and it’s helped me enormously.

The purpose of it is not to create the next bestseller (though the idea that is generated might well be down to that), but to start and finish something. It also helps to create characters and improve writing description. 

It includes – 

A 64 page booklet 

4 plot spinner wheels

60 creative cards

60 wooden exercise sticks

A small hourglass 

This is a a great way to stay productive when you’re in a writing slump. With each exercise you use the hourglass as a timer. 

Most of the exercises I’ve completed aren’t worthy to show, but that’s the point.  

I generally do an exercise before starting to write. I find it helps get rid of the garbage in my brain. I find it gets the creative juices going and helps focus me. 

If you haven’t picked it up yet I’d definitely recommend that you do. 

That’s all from me this week, 

Until next time, 



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