Fun and Games

Hi guys! 

What an exhausting but awesome week! 

I’ve had my younger brother and sister stay for a couple of days. 


If you’re a parent or somebody who looks after children, then you’ll know just how challenging it is to keep little minds occupied. Especially as it’s the six week’s holiday and the novelty of not having to attend school wears off after a few days. 

Most of our time has been spent outside at the park and just going for walks. My husband and I live close to the countryside, so it’s handy for getting out and about exploring. 

This week has also been one of devastation. 

I learnt that one of my heroes weren’t how I’d idolised them in my head. 

It’s something that I’ve tried over and over not to do, but it’s hard. As human beings we admire the people behind what we’re shown. Whether they are the next bestselling author of a genre that’s been off your radar, an artist whose work struck a cord somewhere inside you or an up and coming actress. 

Somewhere deep inside our subconscious lies a craving to know that person. What made him or her create that piece of art/music/film or book? What were their beliefs? 

Sometimes the answers that are said are not how they were meant to be perceived. 

This realisation blew me apart. 

Have you ever realised that the person you idolised was not who you thought they were? 

Leave your comments below. 

Until next week, 


With thanks to Yaoqi LAI for the image via 


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