Learning to Outline

Hi guys! 

This week I’ve been looking at how to outline my novel. 

I’m a panster at heart, so outlining is all new to me. Hence the research. 

I know many writers who have different ways of outlining. Some like to use the Snowflake Method and some like to use numbers and a one sentenced preview of what happens per chapter. 

The trouble with being a panster is, is that so much time gets wasted. I speak for myself here. I don’t know whether anybody else feels this way, or I’m the minority that does. 

I’ve been working on Pandora’s Kiss for eight years now. 
Eight years of slogging over blank pages that turned into rewrites that turned into pages that gathered dust. 

Wouldn’t it have been so much easier just outlining before I started? 


The idea has evolved a great deal in that time thanks to the rewrites. I’ve learnt a great deal about my WIP because of that. But recently I’ve been wondering if there’s even a story worth telling underneath that. Am I telling it the right way? Or could it be told better? 

There’s so much that I’m unsure of. 

That’s why I’m planning on working it all into an outline.

A part of me worries that my dithering will lead to never being published. I have asked myself in the past how many rewrites will it take until I’m satisfied? 

That’s something I’m still pondering. 

Hopefully it’ll all work itself out. 

I appreciate all of the likes and the comments you leave on the posts. If there is anything you want me to cover then all you need to do is suggest it. 

Until next week, 


With thanks to Aaron Burden for the image via Unsplash.com 


3 thoughts on “Learning to Outline

  1. Genius Mikhail says:

    Outlining is nice. What you think about visualizing the characters & each chapter as a fun cartoon to help you outline. Illustrating main aspects of each chapter seems like a good idea to go along.

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