Critique Mayhem!

Hi guys! 

Hope you all had a great 4th July! 

This week, as you can tell by the post title, has been filled with critique after critique after critique. 

The site where I participate in critiquing is called Scribophile. It’s one of the most trusted for guaranteed feedback and it’s real easy to sign up to. 

You can’t post a piece of your work up straightaway.  You have to work for it by critiquing other people’s work. With every critique you gain points. You have to earn 5 or more (sounds little, but it’s a lot) before you can submit yours. 

Some might say that this is highly unfair. Why can’t I just post my work and be done with it? 

As a writer the one thing I hate is critiquing. 

I LOVE reading other people’s work. 

But telling someone what I think of it? 

My brain kind of dies with all of the words swirling around in my head. What did I like about it? What stood out to be an issue? Did everything fit together? 


Then there’s always a chance that the person who you’re critiquing for could take it the wrong way. 

Scary stuff. 

Critiquing always makes me feel superior which I hate. I’m a big believer in equality and that nobody should be above or below anyone else. Telling someone what is or isn’t right with their work is heart rending. That’s why I try to be careful with my words. 

I don’t water it down, but I’m not harsh, either. 

Are you a fan of critiquing? Does it send you running for the hills screaming too? 

Drop a comment below! 

Until next time, 


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One thought on “Critique Mayhem!

  1. Genius Mikhail says:

    I don’t critique at all. If something is & to my liking I’ll them know & point out the best aspects according to myself..

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