Swings and Roundbaouts


Hi guys!

I’ve had a terrible week with revising my novel.

There have been times where I’ve been close to tears. Frustration ebbing away at the scenes in my head were coming to life and not on the page.

I have felt like throwing the whole damn thing in the bin. I haven’t and so far have resisted.

I think I’ve been spending so much time caught up in writing that I need a break away from it. To get my head together and sort out these issues that I have with my work. I’m also needing time to take time out to work through my emotions. I am struggling more than usual.

Due to this will be my last for a couple of weeks.

I will pick myself up, dust myself off and will be back with a much fresher outlook.

Until then,


With thanks to Joanna Kosinska for the image via Unsplash.com.


2 thoughts on “Swings and Roundbaouts

  1. Wise choice, a full on break is essential for me too sometimes especially after writing a book and trying to piece it together again – dont let it consume you, best of luck sorting it ☺

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