Writing Prompt: Held at Ransom


Hi guys!

Today I’m sharing a piece of writing that was created with the help of this book.

I’ve had this since two Christmases ago, but I forgot all about it what with being lost in my WIP.

This week though, I stumbled across it and pulled it out.

The writing prompt was to start a story with a ransom note. This is what came out when I wrote.

You have twenty four hours to deliver the forty thousand pounds. I know you can afford that much. I saw that picture of you in the paper holding a check for 2 million. Heh! If they only knew what a selfish prick lay underneath that shell suit you call a tux.
Your daughter, Beatrice is but a flower blossoming by the minute. It’d be a shame if something were to happen to her.
Time is ticking, old man.
If you contact the police I’ll kill her straight away. I’m not afraid.


What do you think? Would he have paid the money to get his daughter back? Or would his so called selfish nature get in the way?

Why don’t you have a go at writing your own ransom note to get your creative juices flowing?

Hope you enjoyed the prompt.

Until next week,



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