Rocky Waters With A Hint of Magic


Hi guys!

How has your week been?

Mine has been full of ups and downs. I finished seeing my Psychologist as he couldn’t do the work with me. His time frame wouldn’t cover it. I’m now waiting to be referred to another department and to be assessed for Autism.

As always my writing has been my lifeline.

While I was working on editing my novel  I realised that I hadn’t given a codename to an assassin.


No wonder it had all seemed too easy!

This character isn’t any ordinary assassin. She works for both sides. It was necessary to give her a name that would leave her undiscovered by the other side.

Codenames are given by the Moirai who unintentionally name them after Greek Gods/Goddesses.

I had been expecting the search for an alternative name to be difficult, but it was easy.

That left me surprised.

Only problem is, is that it’s a girly name and she’s really not that much of a girl at all.

Still, it makes it interesting to see how she reacts to having it.

That was my bit of magic that perked me up.

It reminds me that if something is meant to be it will always present itself.

Have a great week,



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