Lost In the Wilderness


Hi guys!

I’d thought about doing a post about writing from a male POV, but as I haven’t ventured down that alley yet I will leave off.

As you all know I’m in the middle of editing my novel, Pandora’s Kiss. There’s really not much of that going on right now.

It’s more me shuffling from one option to the other and back again.

A few weeks back I’d started writing with two characters.

I’ve probably mentioned this in earlier posts, but just in case I haven’t I’ll go on to it again.

The two characters I’d worked with were Seori, the Protagonist and Desdemona, the Antagonist. I liked it on a whole, but stopped after it revealed a little too much information and left nothing to surprise or intrigue.

I’ve also tried writing from Seori’s point of view, but have found my chapters are too short and the pacing to be slow.

At the minute I’m back to working on the original draft with the three characters.

It’s hard to know which direction it is I’m headed.

Still, the only way to find yourself is to get lost completely.

Maybe something will come out of it.

Until next week,


With thanks to Richard Loader for the image via Unsplash.com.


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