Creating A Strong Female Protagonist


Hi guys!

Having a strong female protagonist in fiction is vital for many readers.


This can be for many reasons.

Strong female protagonists can be role models for teenagers and women. It can also provide inspiration and support for those who are experiencing similar situations to their fictional characters.

But how do you go about writing one?

Here are five handy tips to creating a strong female protagonist.

1. They don’t have to be badass to be strong.

You read about a female protagonist who is physically strong and can take down twenty men in a small amount of time. This is considered strong. There’s nothing wrong with this if your character can do this. It’s fine. A strong female character needs to be strong emotionally; she needs to have flaws, attachments, personality and strength.  This will help them with whatever they have to overcome. Which leads me to the second point.

2. Give your female protagonist something to overcome.

This gives her a reason to stay strong. Whether it be a fear or otherwise. For example, she could have to move to a different neighbourhood leaving everything she knows behind, or having to rebuild her life after a traumatic event. Don’t be afraid to make them vulnerable. Change is uncertain and characters will warm to them as they grow.

3. Make sure they have a life outside of romance.

This is not to say that they can’t have a romantic relationship. It’s important that they have a storyline of their own without a male counterpart to hold it up.

4. Write her as a human being.

Being strong doesn’t mean that she has to be happy and knowledgeable about every situation she finds herself in. That would be unrealistic. The important thing is to give her a quirk whether it be her wit or her personality. Make whatever it is hers. She can be sassy and sharp tounged, but can also be the type of woman to cry herself to sleep at night.

5. Don’t be afraid of her under estimating herself.

This could be an opportunity for her to prove herself and everyone else wrong.

I hope this helps you write strong female characters.

Have a great week!

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