The Nightmare Of Writing Descriptively


Hi guys!

With writing comes descriptive writing. Without it, readers will get bored. You can’t have the building without any windows to see out of.

Whoever heard of a house with no windows?

Whoever heard of a book without  description?

Having said that I can imagine that you’ll tell me that such a thing exists.

Still, I use it in a matter of speaking.

My dislike for descriptive writing probably comes from my boredom. It doesn’t excite me.

And that’s a problem.

But beneath that boredom lies inability. I find myself unable to describe buildings, faces, emotions, objects.

All those things stifle me. I spend too long trying to think of a beautiful paragraph to describe something.

By that time my idea for another part will disappear.

This is something I’ve been trying to overcome since my teenage years, but it’s not shifting.

I’ve tried exercises, but the same thing keeps happening. I struggle a little too long, boredom sets in and I lose interest.

I know that it’s something I have to overcome if I am considering publishing. No one is going to want an undescriptive book.

It’s just getting there.

That’s half the battle.

Does anyone else have this struggle?

How did you overcome it?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Until next week,


With thanks to Liz Bridges for the image via


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