A Boxful of Happy


Hi guys!

Today, I’m sharing my Happy Box.

It’s known by different names such as a self sooth or crisis box, but I like calling it a box of Happy. 

Everyone should have one. There’s nothing like opening a box of nice things when you’re feeling low or having a bad day.

I first heard about this a couple of years ago. It’s seen a lot of changes since then. The box I first used was smaller, but I’ve since expanded it.

So, what exactly is a happy box? And what do you put in it?

A happy box is something that you can put together for your not so great days. It has helped me survive days that I might have not got through otherwise.

You can put anything in it that makes you happy or smile. You can also put in things that help calm you or help you be mindful. I’m focusing on creating a box that engages all of my five senses.

That’s touch, sight, smell, taste and hear.

I have more things for sight than anything else, but here’s what’s in mine;

Two colouring books – One is The Time Garden by Daria Song. The other is The Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta. Both of these have had their own features in the past.

Cards with thoughtful messages – Two of these are from my extended family who reside in Perth, Western Australia. One was for my wedding and another came with a gift.

Photos – I’m planning on getting more printed off.

A bracelet that my eight year old sister gave me – It was a present for Christmas. On it she’d decorated with stickers spelling out that she loved me. Even though it doesn’t fit it’s really cute.

A Bad Girls DVD – It might be an old TV series, but it always makes me laugh. It also has one of my favourite actresses in it. Simone Lahbib. I think she’s fantastic.

A scented candle – A friend sent me it as a gift. It’s Lavender and Rose. I always think of her whenever I light it.

Feedback I’ve received from writers – It might seem like a weird thing to do, but I love re reading feedback. It gives me a boost when I need it most.

Journals – I have two. One where I write down my private thoughts. The second is where I keep my gratitude. They help with gaining perspective of things.

A book of Buddhism – I read it to gain inspiration and to be humble always.

I still have things to add such as a stress ball for when I’m angry, a tangle for when I’m anxious, a playlist full of happy, cheery songs and something for taste.

I’m also going to add some positive quotes, things to fight for and more photos.

Thanks for reading.

I hope this can be of some use. I’m struggling today with the whole attachment/ detachment thing. Using these tools to help me through. 🙂

Until next week,



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