Why Write That? A Writer’s Perogative.


This post features a brief mention of rape, torment and abuse. If there’s a chance of a trigger, then stop now.

Hi guys!

Picture this.

You’re talking away to someone about your Work In Progress. The other person is nodding in interest, but then something happens. They stop. You’ve just mentioned the most horrific scene imaginable and they’re shocked.

“Why write that?” They ask. “There’s so much violence and bloodshed in the world already. Why add to it?”

I know a couple of writers who have had this asked time and again.

It’s not just readers who ask this, but writers, too. The other week I was on a forum and someone was talking about how her novel included child trafficking, rape and the like. She was met with bewilderment. “Why write that?” One asked. “How morbid are you to write such a thing?” “How horrible to bring that to light to survivors.”

This shocked me. As a writer I believe in supporting my fellow artists and guiding them as best I can. It didn’t surprise me.


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