Navigation Issues


Hi guys!

I had planned to post a short story for this week, but the book I keep them in has mysteriously gone walk about.

Those pesky pixies have been hard at work.

The forest picture sums everything up nicely.

Not just for the missing notebook, but for everything writing related.

You guys all know that after hitting a brick wall with my WIP I was looking into options.

I’m still working on which one I like best. Nothing feels right so far, and I have come close many time this week to just throwing the towel in and walking away.

What’s that saying?

If you can quit, quit. If not, you’re a writer.

Well, I must definitely be one as I’m going through hell with this project and I’m still going.


Hopefully I’ll hit a goldmine, soon.

And the pixies will give my book back this week.

I wonder what J.K would recommend for keeping them away.


Until next week,


Thanks to Lukasz  Szmigiel for the image via


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