A Voyage Into The Unknown


Hi guys!

Nearly at the end of week two of editing.
I’ve found that my original plan using three characters wasn’t working as well as I’d first thought. This left me with a problem.

I’d tried using different POV’s to portray the story in the past. Writing in third person seemed to confuse the reader and boggle me and second was out of the question. I’d also tried writing with just the one character then two. Although they’d interested me the pull to still use my three characters that I’d started with. The rewrites were all completed that way.

What do you do when nothing fits your image? How do you stop yourself from throwing the manuscript away?

I was close, but many rock songs later and much head banging I decided that it could be fixed.

I turned to a friend for advice.

She advised me to cull a character and tell the story with just two. This proved to be tricky. The only character that I liked and still felt a connection to was Seori, my silent hell raiser. I’d thought about telling the story using her only. That idea hasn’t been knocked on the head.

A thought had re occurred. What if I was to teIl it using the protagonist/antagonist? This ignited the spark, along with the talk I had with my friend and I was able to get back to it… After making sure the little details were perfect.

Last night I went back to an opening scene of Seori and edited it by 800 words. I’ve written up Desdemona’s part. Time will tell if it’s the right fit. I’ll also be working on the one character alongside it.

I was hoping that it was just going to be a straight edit and not another rewrite, but some scenes might need to be to work.

Oh well. That’s the joys of editing.

Who are your favourite villains and why?

Hope you are all well.

Until next week,


With thanks to Michael Hull for the image via Unsplash.com


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