Goals and New Projects


Hi guys!

Here we are on day two of 2016!

Did you have a great new year? Me and my husband spent New Year’s Eve eating pizza, drinking WKD and playing monopoly. Pretty lame, huh? 😀

Well, we had a good time at least.

I spent New Year’s Day putting pen to paper for my new novel, Bloodlines. Bloodlines is going to be a crime thriller focusing on various characters but mainly Celia Morpeth, a criminal profiler who gets called to help with a haunting case with the Metropolitan Police are struggling to get their heads around. Mothers of all ages are being murdered and their children, all girls, are vanishing without a trace. As the story progresses it becomes clear that they are being used as sex slaves which stirs up some unwanted memories for Celia.

I wrote the prologue along with the first few parts and while this story is relatively new in the making it’s something that has been brewing away for a while. It’s currently at 3,075 words. I will be adding more tonight and all the way through until the end of January.

The novel is part and parcel of a challenge called JanUWriMo, brought to my attention by a writer’s group on Facebook.

JanUWriMo is just like NaNoWriMo only apart from the obvious. Instead of writing 50k in Novemeber you do it in January. The target is still 50k. Only this time it’s a lot harder as I have to start from nothing whereas I knew exactly where I was headed in November. 

Hard, but it’s not impossible.

My writing goals this year are;

– To have two short stories published
– To have Pandora’s Kiss professionally edited
– To attend a writer’s conference  

My personal goals are;

– To journal three times a week
– Make a note of things that I’m grateful for once a week
– To not be so negative or tough on myself on my bad days
– To take part in creative outlets (scrapbooking, colouring in etc) when I’m struggling
– To put all of myself into therapy when it starts

These might seem like a lot of things but spread them out over the year they’ll appear to be very minimal.

I will be documenting my progress as we go through 2016.

Let’s make it a good one!

Until next week,


With thanks to Kazuend for the image via Unsplash.com


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