NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty Three


Pages: One Hundred and Fifty Five
Word Count: 51,898

Hi guys!

Not much progress since yesterday but little progress is better than nothing. 

I’m currently running two chapters behind so I’m working as fast as I can to get up to date. It’s probably to do with how foggy and blank my brain has been due to my depression but I will get it done.

You may remember me introducing my rabbit, Rodger back in August. He was neutered on Thursday and is on antibiotics until this Thursday when we take him back to the vets for his check up. Giving a rabbit meds by a syringe is no easy feat. He’s taking it a lot better than he has been, though. He’s resting up nicely.

I don’t know what else to say today. Brain fog.

Hope you are all meeting your word goals.

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,



4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty Three

  1. Brain depression-fog is no fun! I’ve been trying to pep myself up from my own fog these last few days as well. Wish I had some advice to give, but brain fog, lol. Oh, warm drinks though! A nice cup of coffee or tea gives a brief respite for a short period of time. Doesn’t necessarily clear things up, but gives the essence of a break.

    • Lol it’s a nightmare, isn’t it? I will have to try drinking tea when it gets really bad. I never thought of that before. Thanks for the advice. Friday was the worst. It was like I’d lost my brain it was that bad, lol. Hope yours clears up soon.

      • My favorite is mint teas or chamomile. And it is a nightmare, but luckily it ebbs and flows. Sometimes it feels like trying to row a boat in a lake of tar, that brain-fog. I try to be gentle to myself when that happens though because trying to force the brain-fog away tends to make it worse for me. Good luck on your writing/finishing NaNo though! Hopefully your fog will clear up soon too ^_^

      • I have yet to try herbal tea but it’s on my list. I don’t do much either when I’ve got a case of brain fog for the same reason. Thanks a lot for the good wishes. I wish you luck too. 🙂

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