NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty


Pages: One Hundred and Forty
Word Count: 46, 619

Hi guys!

Ten days until the end! Is the finish line in sight or is it still a long way in the distance?

Not much writing got done last night. I gave it a good go but I was extremely unsatisfied with my words and ideas. When that happens it’s always best to walk away. I know it’s only a first draft and first drafts have free pass to be terrible but I’d still prefer them to be going somewhere rather just writing dribble.

I would have loved to have delved into a book but as my brain was racing with runaway thoughts (probably the cause of my non writingness) I decided to do something else.

What comes next after writing and reading?  That’s right. Colouring in.

Psychologists have said recently that colouring in is said to have the same effect as meditation. It’s supposed to put you back in the moment you escaped from. Or at least attempt to. I’ve tried meditation on and off for months and have always struggled with it. It’s quite hard to do but it’s a worthwhile technique to learn. It takes a lot of patience and practise.

I’m not sure whether I feel better after colouring. I know that I feel relaxed and calm and my brain calms for ten minutes before talking over itself again. Apart from that I don’t really see a difference. Maybe it’s a practise thing. 
I don’t know.

Here’s what I did yesterday.


This is a picture created by Daria Song from her colouring book The Time Garden. I got it a few months ago for about £10 at a bookstore. I’m currently saving up for a few more. I quite like the look of the Harry Potter colouring book and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland colouring book. Hopefully Santa will be nice to me this year.  🙂

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,



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