A Spark of Creativity and a Dash of Dutch Courage


Hi guys!

Time for a non NaNoWriMo related post.

You know what that moment’s like. You’re just doing the most boring thing on earth (for me this is housework but got to be done.) And the most brilliant, vivid idea enters your vision. You stop what you’re doing and note it down for later. The job becomes less boring as your imagination thrives with the possibilities. Will your character be male or female? What will their story entail? They appear relentless.

Later, when you eventually sit down to write things become clearer in your mind. You know who the story is about, who is telling it and from which point of view it will be told from. What you are yet to discover is the full scale of the story.

Let’s say in the coming weeks that you discover more essential points. You stumble across something that could potentially be controversial. You stop to think. Why has that arisen all of a sudden? That was not my intention at all.

Most things we write start of with a basic idea which then snowballs into something bigger. That’s all in the way of processing.

Most things are controversial; sex, drugs, rape and race inequality to name but a few. Fifty Shades of Grey caused quite a stir as did To Kill A Mockingbird. It is considered to be immoral to use such devices as plotlines by some readers.

While I can understand their point of view our job as writer’s is to write about real life situations. Without controversy their would be no culture found in literature nor would we be able to explore the themes in a curious and harmless way.

To write truthfully it takes bravery. Bravery is found by courage. Every time I write with courage every time I sit at my desk. Even more so during NaNoWriMo. Whether I’Il have the guts to release it into the world will be another story.

Hope you have fun exploring on your journey to your destination, 50K or otherwise.

Until tomorrow,


With thanks to Morgan Sessions for the image via Unsplash.com.


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