NaNoWriMo: Day Ten


Pages: Seventy Four
Word Count: 25,351

Hi guys!

Just over the halfway mark! *happy dance*. I thought I’d reach it a lot sooner but who cares? I’m there. That’s the main thing.

I had the same problem with my outline as before.  I’d gotten them mixed up with one another. This is my problem with outlining. It’s great because you have some idea where you’re going but if you haven’t looked at it since starting NaNoWriMo then you’re going to find that ideas change. I know mine have over the last month.

With that, I had to ask myself, ‘What do I see happening instead of such and such?’ And the answer was completely different to what I’d expected. Sure. Daniel had gone from having a home to being homeless and bunking up with his crush, Rosa in the attic and Adria had broken her deadly sin by sleeping with a guy who’d mistaken her for a call girl.

Hmm. Not what I had in mind at all.

Still, this is the art of storytelling.  Your ideas do tend to surprise you. 

And last night saw me having to use ‘adult’ words. Something I thought I’d never have to do. Ever. It took me about ten minutes before I could even bring myself to write them. I’m a little squeamish with using them but it looks like it’s something I’m going to have to get over. As time goes on it looks like I’ll be using them a lot. Much to my horror.

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,



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