NaNoWriMo: Day Nine


Pages: Sixty Two
Word Count: 21,212

Hi guys,

That little break did me good. I didn’t manage to double my word count as I’d hoped but it’s still a good amount.

As a writer I am flooded with information – whether it be from self help resources or other writer’s. I have learnt to discard the unhelpful and keep the snippets of good. This wasn’t always a straight forward process. It took a lot of time to rifle through it.

You can spend a lot of time sifting through all of the books in the world but the best thing I learned was to just write. Read a lot, of course when you’re not writing. As Stephen King said and I quote ‘If you haven’t got the time to read, you haven’t got the tools to write.’ One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever read.

So write away. Write when it feels like your whole seIf is being burnt and you have only a limited time before your bones become ash. Write when you don’t want to. Even when the idea of writing fills you with dread.

Happy Writing!

Until tomorrow,



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