Remembrance Weekend.


Hi guys!

I’m not going to focus too much on NaNoWriMo today. It will be mentioned but it won’t be the focus point of the post.

As it’s Remembrance Weekend here in the UK I’d like to take this opportunity to remember all of those that died fighting for our freedom and our rights.

My grandad fought in the wars. He also came out terribly scarred, not from visible injuries but from his memories. The whole thing had traumatised him and unfortunately it brought on the onset of MS – Multiple Sclerosis.  He was cared for by my Nanna and my mum who was still a child herself at the time. He died of pneumonia just three weeks before Christmas. My mum was fourteen. She never got to say goodbye.
The funeral was organised by my nanna’s dad who was very stubborn, strict and set on his ways. He hadn’t cared much for my grandad and had called him a cripple many a time. To this day none of us know where his ashes lie. My nanna’s dad also died in 1999. We’ll never know.

Even though we don’t know where his ashes are I think about him everyday. We all do. We talk about what a great man he was, being strong all the way through his illness and smiling all the way through it.  I just wish I could have met him to tell him all of this myself.

My grandad is just one of the many few who battles in the war and came out a different person. That is why remembering them is so important.

Lest we forget.

Progress for NaNoWriMo stands:

Pages: Fifty Three.
Word Count: 18,883

Thanks for reading.

Until tomorrow,



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