NaNoWriMo: Day Two


Pages: Sixteen.
Word Count: 5,437

Hi guys!

How is day two treating you? Well, I hope.

I have to admit I found myself struggling today.  The outline was in front of me the whole time but that inspiration just wouldn’t come. It’s like being giving directions for a certain place and finding that you took a wrong turn and end up getting lost. Every word I wrote was excruciating.  It felt wrong and what I was writing was absolute garbage. That’s when I gave myself a pep talk. “It’s allowed to be absolutely awful. It’s just a first draft. Just get it written.”

Talk about not being able to follow your own advice!

It made no difference but I kept pushing on anyway. Sometimes the only way to finish is just to actually write and worry later. Even if it is painful.

Going from nothing to something is never easy. It takes time to get to know where you’re going.

Keep the faith that you will finish. No matter how bad the whole stinks. No.matter how much that horrible sentence makes you want to go back and edit it. Always move forward. Don’t go back until you’ve finished it.

Easier said than done, I know.

You can do this. We all can. 

Until tomorrow,


With thanks to Sylwia Bartyz for the image via


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