NaNoWriMo: Day One


Pages: Eight
Word Count: 2,800

Hi guys,

Here we are. First day of NaNoWriMo. How are we doing? Has stage fright set in now that the day has dawned to start writing? Are you stumbling over words or hitting a block?

I sat down to write just after midnight last night. Outline in front and I had these waves of ideas crashing around me. How do I start? Shall I use first person or third? I decided to use the third person perspective, something that I’m not great at. I began to write but after a page an a half I hit a snag. One of my sentences didn’t sound right and I had to stop myself from self editing.

It’s one of my worse traits when I’m getting the story onto the page. I always worry about grammar and punctuation as well. Not the best thing to be doing in the first stages.

This is my third time doing NaNo and even though it is I still get the odd shiver of panic about how I’ll write 50,000 in a month. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s all about progress, whether I reach the target or not. After all, the idea of NaNo is to teach yourself discipline and to commit yourself to writing something every day.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all I recommend you look at it like that. It’s all about the quantity at this point. Whether you end up at 50K, 10K or over that. You’ll still end up with half or a quarter of a novel.  That’s still good going.

Every day in November I will be blogging about my progress with NaNo and will be here to add wisdom and encouragement to you all. We are in this together.  🙂

Wherever you are, keep on writing.

Until tomorrow,


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