Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain


Hi guys!

It’s that time of year again where dressing up as your favourite demon, vampire or monster is completely acceptable and fun to do.

Same couldn’t be said for my characters in Pandora’s Kiss as at this time they came face to face with the Moirai  in a graveyard. They’d released an Automaton as a welcoming present. Nice sense of humour. It has to be said. 

Automatons get used a lot, I know. I have a feeling that it is all set to change in the near future.

What Halloween fun have you been having? My younger brother and sister have been dressing up, attending school discos and carving pumpkins. My sister drssed up as a dead princess; fake blood, face paint and the lot. My younger brother dressed up as a dead prince with exactly the same face paint and blood. They’ll be out trick or treating later. I hope the doors that they choose to knock on are fully prepared for a fright. If they weren’t my siblings I’d definately be running for the hills. 🙂

And the wait is nearly over. NaNoWriMo is nearly here. As soon as it strikes midnight tonight I will be at my desk. I’ll probably end up procastinating for a short period before I actually write a sentence. That’s always how it goes. The first sentence is always the hardest. After that it’s almost plain sailing.

I’m writing about two characters who are brother and sister. The brother is still battling his demons after getting into trouble with some lads at school and his sister is in turmoil trying to find the best way to help him. I’m not giving too much away. I have it all worked out. Writing it, however is going to be a whole different ball game.

However you decide to celebrate Halloween or Samhain make sure you enjoy yourself. Stay safe.

I’ll be indulging in a bit of either Dracula by Bram Stoker or The Raven by Poe. My cape has been on enough this year.

Until next week,


With thanks to Sebastian Unrau for the image via Unsplash.com


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