Time Goes By… So Slowly


Hi guys!

Just over a week to go before Nano starts. My idea is bubbling away nicely and my outline is ready. The anticipation is killing me.

It’s gotten so bad that I am making song references. This is what happens when my mind isn’t occupied. It runs away with itself and becomes giddy.

Oh well. I guess I am too serious most of the time. It’s about time I loosened up. : )

I have completed a couple of short stories this week. One was about a woman who had planned to kill her husband who had been physically abusing her and her son got a few years. The story starts with her wandering the streets with a gun in her hand and blood on the other. She then disposes of the weapon and waits gar a call from her son before returning home. Whether she was found to be the culprit or not remains a mystery but I did feel the relief she felt at not having to look over her shoulder every five minutes. The second one focused on d woman who set up her own spirituality business after leaving her job as an editor at a publishing house after her husband revealed he was gay. They’d been married five months before divorcing. She’d been ashamed and so took solace before deciding to open her own shop.

Not my usual works but interesting.

I’d set myself a challenge to write more short stories in the run up to Nano as I struggle with them and even though I’ve only written a couple it’s still a lot more than I’d usually write. I have another one planned involving a young girl who finds that she has no beating heart (impossible to happen but vital for the story to work). It’s going to be a horror but so far that is the only noteworthy thing that makes it horrific. Aside from the fact that she can see the Undead.

I do have concerns about my NaNo Novel as the outline has raised some strong themes that might upset, anger or appall when all they are meant to do is raise awareness of all those problems.


The waiting game continues!

Until next time.

Have a great week,


With Thanks to Sonja Langford for the image via Unsplash.com


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