Warden – Protector of the Underworld


                                      Image from Unsplash. Courtesy to Oscar Keys.

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Apologies for the late post. Things have been so hectic this week what with appointments with various people that I haven’t had a moment to update. Better sooner than later. Following on from the post about Tellus, the Protector of Earth, this week I’m going to introduce you to Warden. The protector of the Underworld.

Unlike his prodigy, Hades didn’t have to to fight his siblings for rights to the most darkest place at the ends of the Earth. The Seniorems handed him the permit without a second thought for his resistance to abstain from confroming. They were also very impressed with the way he disposed of their enemy, Narquilius in an inhumane way.

On the eve of the night the Seniorems were due to battle the Moirai, Warden spent it hiding in his cave beneath the Earth, conflicted with his feelings of wanting to visit the world and wanting to stay hidden where nobody but his servants knew him. The beheading of Narquilius had changed him in a way that he had not considered. Knowing he had to use his strength to fight a battle that wasn’t his made him nervous. However, the nerves went with him.

He met the Seniorems, along with the rest of the Protectors, under the cresent moon in the forest. There, they discussed once more, the plan to defeat their nemesis. Warden, still riddled with doubts taught them how to resist oncoming attacks but due to his nervousness his training proved to have no effect. With Tellus’s telapathy failing alongside Warden’s resistance the Seniorems were beginning to struggle.

Question is, did Warden fail the Seniorems on purpose or did his nerves get in the way?

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Next installment to follow next week.

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