What’s In A Name – Pseudonym or real?

Hi guys!

This week I’m going to talk about pseudonyms, otherwise known as pen names. They are often used when the author wishes to make a name for her/ himself in that pacific genre or when wanting to keep their identity for the short run.

There is still a debate on whether pen names are needed to write a book. Many of times I’ve heard the question on social media. Do I need a pen name? Would it be better? I always answer with the same response. Do what feels right for the book, and for you. 

Not many authors use their real names. J K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, wanted to use just her first name,  Joanne and her surname but changed it to her initials due to the agent’s fear of boys not wanting to read a female author. There’s not much of a difference. However, she is also known as Robert Galbraith, a pseudonym she uses for writing crime. In an interview I can remember her saying that she wanted to differentiate herself from being the author of a children’s book.

That’s common, too.

I use a pen name to write because I think my name is too boring to be associated with a dystopian young adult fantasy series. My real name is Katie Harrison. My pen name is Blaze Mckenna. Now, which one of those sounds more appealing? You’re going to say, Blaze aren’t you? I know you are. :p.

Pen names can be quite fun.

Should you have a pen name for writing your book? Don’t ask me. The answer lies with you.

Have a good week!



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