Trigger Warning -Stigma – Living with Depression and Anxiety

Hi guys!

How was your week? Did you enjoy yourself at the weekend?

My week has been uneventful to say the least. I managed to hit one of my targets with communicating (I was a selective mute at school due to being bullied and abused at home and I’m still trying to change that). I managed to hold a conversation with someone who I hardly knew and I was fine.

My weekend, however was horrific.

I’m in a support group and someone had said that they were going to take their own life which was devastating for me but the comments she received were just enough to trigger anybody to self harm or worse.

For those that don’t understand what I mean by trigger I will explain. To trigger someone is to mention something that reminds the victim of what happened and causes them to have flashbacks which can lead to self harm or even suicide. 

By the end of it I felt pretty sickened. When is it ever ok to tell someone who is suicidal to go ahead and do it and to record the whole thing so they can watch? Never. That’s the answer.

Shocked? I was at the time. Not so much now.

Stigma like this happens all of the time for us mental health sufferers. We get belittled and constantly judged and pictured as lazy when really all we’re trying to do is fight another day through the pain,  exhaustion and devastation at bot being able to be ‘normal’ as some call it.

As humans we should be compassionate towards one another and reach out to those who are struggling every single day.

Calling a cry for help or ‘attention seeking’ as some people call it, is harmful and can lead to more bad feeling in the victim. At least that person is teaching out for support and care. Yes, it may not be ideal but that is their way of coping. Should it matter as long as they are safe? No. It shouldn’t. 

I would stay awake all night to talk to that person who was in need, even if it was a false alarm. I would do it for anybody.  People don’t attention seek for fun, they do it because they need help.

Most people don’t understand mental health. How can they when it’s a personal experience that has to be felt? Most of my friends just think I’m being silly and anti social but literally when I’m at my worst I can’t pick up the phone and talk for the fear of bringing them down because if it drains my energy what will it do for them?

Some make it about them while really, it should be how best to support that person.

There’s a risk of 1 in 5 people will be affected by mental health problems in the future.  You may think it won’t happen to you or your friends but like cancer, it doesn’t discriminate. It takes lives needlessly. Be kind. You never know what battle that person might be facing.

Wishing you love and happiness and a peaceful week.



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