First Person Narrative vs Third Person Narrative

Hi guys!

Today I want to talk about different narrative perspectives.

There are different types of narrative. One is known as first person (I) and another is third person (he/she). There is also a narrative called second person (you) where the writer speaks directly to the reader.

I’ve read a couple second perspective books, usually written by Jodi Picoult whose theme is based on family issues and courtroom drama and while they had me hooked I am a reader who prefers novels written in the first person.

Don’t get me wrong I like novels written in the third person as well. It’s just with a first person novel you can become that character and feel what they feel. With third person I always feel shielded from the action and that I’m being told things that would come across better being shown .

It’s forever being debated about which one is better. Truth is, there’s no winner. They’re both great. One will be better suited to your book then the other.

With my preference being first person it means I write in the first person. I like giving my reader the chance to be someone else and as a way to escape.
And it’s the perspective that I’m good at writing. I tried writing in third person and it just ended up one, big wonderful confused mess.

The reasons for writing in third person differ. Many people write I know choose third person because they have a vast amount of characters or multiple point of views. 

Pandora’s Kiss features three main characters that interlink throughout the story. 

I disagree that a third person book should only be used because there’s too many characters or there are multiple point of views.  Yes, you get to know the character from what you’re told but you don’t get to know them intimately. That’s just my two cents worth, though and other people will think differently. 🙂

What perspective do you like the most and why?


Adult Colouring Books (my new addiction)


Hi guys!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the craze that is adult colouring books  over the recent months. I picked up my first one on Saturday and was so excited to dive right in and give it a go.

After not having a particularly good week with my anxiety and depression it was right up my street. I’d heard people say that it relieves the feelings and gives you an uplifting boost. On Sunday I sat down with my colouring pencils and felt tips and and just coloured away.

I’m not artistically gifted when drawing my own things so this was the next best thing in adapting myself creatively. I found it very relaxing and calm during the session and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their issues of mental health.

I had a hard time choosing which one to purchase as I loved the Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden books and I was torn between not getting them but I’m pleased I decided to purchase this one. The pictures are absolutely stunning and it also gives you the opportunity to draw. An absolute no no for me! 🙂

Currently, my writing stands at 32K which is going to be very problematic as I’m only on Chapter Nine. It’s the first draft that I’ve ever went way out of the word count within the first several chapters.

Anyway, here’s the finished product and I’ll be back with more fun soon.

Have a good week!


The Light Bulb Moment


Ideas are funny things. They can give you one half of your story, but leave a huge gap in your logic as to why it should be that way in particular.

My relationship with my ideas is as distant as it gets. They come like fluttering butterflies and then leave instantly leaving me to think. Why enter my brain with a jigsaw piece which doesn’t fit anywhere?

This has been me for eight years now. Getting ideas and trying to figure out where they should go or why they are when in my brain to start with.

I’d been having trouble placing the setting of my story world. There was no clear setting as I was using both past and present in the first half of the story, which some had mentioned had confused them.

It made me think. Which one do I want to use most? Which one am I more tailored to portraying to the best of my ability? 

The answer was neither.

I’ve come up with a world which is neither past, present or futuristic. It sounds confusing. You need a distinct setting so that the reader can identify that from the get go. To do otherwise is just insane!

I’d thought that, too.

But what if there was a world behind Chaos? What if everything existed in its own form by the Gods who decided who best to look after it?

The meaning of Chaos is ‘a disorderly mess.’ Meaning, it’s not meant to make sense, it’s meant to be confusing.

It might be a mad idea to assume such a thing. It might not even be logical but to me, it’s like the puzzle piece I was given all those years ago is finally in its place.

It goes to show that ideas, although they don’t always come with explanations, can guide you. You don’t know why it is but that’s what makes you write. To discover the meaning behind it.

Next time a weird idea hits you. Don’t hesitate. Just write.

Have a great week!