Progress Report

Hi gals and guys,

I’ve just finished the first few chapters of my rewrite of my novel, Pandora’s Kiss this weekend. They are now with beta readers as I want to know whether it’s going in the right direction or whether it’s failing at the first hurdle. As they say in construction, if the foundations aren’t right the building will collapse. Same can be said for this.

The word count is a bit of a problem, however as it’s currently sitting at just over 21k and that’s probably going to topple over the 100,000 mark before it’s even finished. I’ve never had a problem with word count before, it’s really weird.

I’ve been pondering with the idea of my POV’s as I have three of them in my WIP. For the past couple of weeks I’ve found myself thinking about using only the Protagonist and the Antagonist as main characters. That way you see both sides of the story and not just one. I’m aware that this would be tricky to do but not at all difficult.

I’m currently experimenting with this idea and will probably ask my betas to read through and compare them to see which one is best.

There’s a lot of things I don’t know about this novel but I quite like that. I’m going to be making plans for the series as well in between writing. That’ll be fun.  🙂

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