Ideas and Creationism

Following on from my last post I want to talk about ideas and what creates them. Often an idea starts off as a squiggly line or two. Unbeknown to us it thrives long before we acknowledge it.

But what starts the process for the idea to come to a head? Could it be what we do? What we listen to? Our conversations? Nobody knows for sure or why they come about the way they do. Call it a strike of genius or a given thing. After all, our brains think of a million things everyday. Why waste time over an idea that won’t go no further than a notebook?

I thought the very same when I marked down the idea for Pandora’s Kiss. Although at the time I’d made a note of it I’d called it Trouble just to give it a title. Since then it’s had different names. Rainbows and Raindrops, Underneath the Ocean and Lady of the Kryptonites just to name a few.

Back then I didn’t know the enormity of my idea. The basis has never changed. I’ve always written about three young girls but their life stories have changed over time. The first idea started off with them being very troubled girls with very different backgrounds. As their stories changed with every draft so did they. The world around them also changed as well, which plays a part with plot in Pandora’s Kiss.

How did my idea evolve?

That’s simple. Rewriting. Each time I did I found a loop hole, a new territory to be played with and I enjoyed it immensely. Sadly, no one can rewrite forever. There comes a time when you have to decide whether your characters are the best (or worst) they can be. I haven’t got to that stage yet. Hopefully within the next year or so but we’ll see.

Always be aware of any little thing that pops up. You never know it could just lead you on a journey you never knew was possible.



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