A Crime Beginning


That time of the week again. Don’t forget to make you’re own. :).

I’d returned home from work to find a postcard from my grandad, Erik, a high class magician and scientist.
      In his younger days he’d fought dragons and had led the experiments of the big bang theory. He’d said that he was doing fine in Hikiki, researching ways to draw down the omissions but he needed a favour. He’d asked me to go down to the well in the woods and to go inside it. I didn’t find his request out of the ordinary as he tends to ask the most ludicrous things.
      Luckily the well didn’t have any water as it had been vacant for decades due to the rumours of a big, bad demon residing at the bottom. Whether it was true or not nobody knew.
       I set off and made a swift turn to the sound of a wolf howling in the distance. The sound sends chills down my spine. As I make another turn to find a tattered sash with the letter ‘L’ painted on the front. I don’t think anything of it until I find a toad standing by a lifeless and battered body with an arrow striked through the heart. She hadn’t stood a chance.
     It’s a shame I didn’t have any of my evidence bags on me. I could have begged that and sent it off to test for DNA. There could have been a few things sent. I took out my phone and dialled the team back at the station until I noticed a Victorian chess piece.I picked it up and found two initials. PT.
      How very odd. Could this have belonged to the murderer? If so, that was incredibly stupid but a spot of luck for us. I continue with the call to the department and wait for assistance.



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