Idols and Ambitions

No character profile today as the book I had them in has mysteriously disappeared. I blame it on the ghost. Totally the ghost’s fault. 😉

In place of its absence I’m going to do something that I don’t do very often. That’s right. I’m going to talk about myself.

When I was eight I was asked what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’ by my semi adoptive mum. While everyone’s response would have been an astronaut or a firefighter mine was to be a teacher.

Not a bad job. Children need to be taught.

Unknowingly, at the time the one person who inspired me at the time was my primary school teacher who was fun and loving yet was stern but fair in her lessons.

Then as I reached the age of eleven I went from wanting to teach to wanting to be a singer. I remember performing Britany Spears hit Baby One More Time on a wall just up from my house in front of four people who probably thought it was a laugh but I can’t say that I didn’t laugh along with them. From there my music teacher enrolled me in singing lessons at the age of twelve/ thirteen.

I can’t put my finger on  who inspired me to sing. Maybe it was Britany Spears with her songs or something different entirely but it was something I did later as a hobby and went on to raise lots of money for charity.

I fell in love with acting in my fourth year of secondary school which saw me being partnered with a teacher to dance with and had to pretend she was guy. One of the most weirdest moments of my life but looking back at it always makes me giggle. I was also given one of the biggest set of lines to say in a play.

My idol for acting was an actress called Simone Lahbib who had starred in Bad Girls, a drama focusing on a woman’s prison which saw her character, Helen Stewart fall in love with one of the inmates. She’s still someone who I look up to even now.

The love of acting saw me take Performing Arts at college where I began writing my second novel. I’d already written my first back in secondary school.

My writing became more than a hobby at eighteen as I focused more on the big idea I’d had which would eventually become Pandora’s Kiss. I don’t know where my influence for writing came from but I think my enthusiasm for reading all genres helped.

Simone isn’t the only idol in my life. I also idolise my semi adoptive mother who lives in Australia with her family and the teacher who I danced with during that cringeworthy lesson. They’ve all taught me so much and I will be forever thankful for that.



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