Happy Valentine’s Day!

No story Cubes inspired story today. Instead, as it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d re tell one of the many classics in Greek Mythology. The story of Hephaestus and Aphrodite.

This isn’t the original tale of what you know. This focuses on my version of the tale which features Sylvie (Aphrodite) and Lucas (Hephaestus).

Sylvie starts falling for Lucas after being thrown together by the Moira in some improper task. Lucas who is four inches tall and is an outcast in his family circle for being different, finds a common ground with Sylvie when she opens up about living with her mum, Jennifer who suffered from a mental illness before she was murdered by the Moirai.

‘I knew that I was still an important part of her life but it was like I was invisible.’ She told him. ‘Every second consumed her emotionally and took her to some place where we couldn’t reach her.’

As the story comes to a close Sylvie visits Lucas at home where it becomes clear just how cold his family are towards him.

‘It’s because I’m small.’ He told her. ‘They treat me differently because they think I’m contagious or a freak.’

It’s due to their connection that romance blossoms throughout the third book but it will be a struggle what with Lucas’s internal belief that he’s unlovable and is worth nothing. This will see her eventually  somersault back in Kenzie’s (Ares) arms.

The characters all share similarities with the Gods of past. Hephaestus was, of course disowned by Hera at the sight of him but the one difference is, is that Aphrodite was forced to marry Hephaestus by Zeus. I wanted Sylvie and Lucas to have a proper shot at love rather than her being a cold hearted woman.

That’s what love is all about. Taking chances and seeing where you end up. Today reminds us all to cherish the ones we love and to show that extra bit of care. Love is such a universal thing. It can be felt by just a simple action and I think that we should all practise love and kindness in our every day lives.

Much love,



Ideas and Creationism

Following on from my last post I want to talk about ideas and what creates them. Often an idea starts off as a squiggly line or two. Unbeknown to us it thrives long before we acknowledge it.

But what starts the process for the idea to come to a head? Could it be what we do? What we listen to? Our conversations? Nobody knows for sure or why they come about the way they do. Call it a strike of genius or a given thing. After all, our brains think of a million things everyday. Why waste time over an idea that won’t go no further than a notebook?

I thought the very same when I marked down the idea for Pandora’s Kiss. Although at the time I’d made a note of it I’d called it Trouble just to give it a title. Since then it’s had different names. Rainbows and Raindrops, Underneath the Ocean and Lady of the Kryptonites just to name a few.

Back then I didn’t know the enormity of my idea. The basis has never changed. I’ve always written about three young girls but their life stories have changed over time. The first idea started off with them being very troubled girls with very different backgrounds. As their stories changed with every draft so did they. The world around them also changed as well, which plays a part with plot in Pandora’s Kiss.

How did my idea evolve?

That’s simple. Rewriting. Each time I did I found a loop hole, a new territory to be played with and I enjoyed it immensely. Sadly, no one can rewrite forever. There comes a time when you have to decide whether your characters are the best (or worst) they can be. I haven’t got to that stage yet. Hopefully within the next year or so but we’ll see.

Always be aware of any little thing that pops up. You never know it could just lead you on a journey you never knew was possible.


A Crime Beginning


That time of the week again. Don’t forget to make you’re own. :).

I’d returned home from work to find a postcard from my grandad, Erik, a high class magician and scientist.
      In his younger days he’d fought dragons and had led the experiments of the big bang theory. He’d said that he was doing fine in Hikiki, researching ways to draw down the omissions but he needed a favour. He’d asked me to go down to the well in the woods and to go inside it. I didn’t find his request out of the ordinary as he tends to ask the most ludicrous things.
      Luckily the well didn’t have any water as it had been vacant for decades due to the rumours of a big, bad demon residing at the bottom. Whether it was true or not nobody knew.
       I set off and made a swift turn to the sound of a wolf howling in the distance. The sound sends chills down my spine. As I make another turn to find a tattered sash with the letter ‘L’ painted on the front. I don’t think anything of it until I find a toad standing by a lifeless and battered body with an arrow striked through the heart. She hadn’t stood a chance.
     It’s a shame I didn’t have any of my evidence bags on me. I could have begged that and sent it off to test for DNA. There could have been a few things sent. I took out my phone and dialled the team back at the station until I noticed a Victorian chess piece.I picked it up and found two initials. PT.
      How very odd. Could this have belonged to the murderer? If so, that was incredibly stupid but a spot of luck for us. I continue with the call to the department and wait for assistance.


Time to Talk Day: Take 5


Time to Change is an organisation which was set up in order to break the stigma with mental health so that nobody suffers in silence.

Today is Time to Talk Day. What that means is, is that you take five minutes out of your schedule to talk about your experiences with mental health problems or simply check in with a friend or colleague to make sure they’re okay.

I’ve already posted pictures on my Facebook page to raise awareness of Time to Change and to get people to think about breaking the stigma. I think this is highly important as there are people from all around the world who suffer in silence. Nobody should have to do that.

To contribute I am going to share five things that I’ve learned while living with depression and anxiety and possibly other factors that are yet to be diagnosed fully.

1. To be compassionate.

Not only towards other people but also towards myself. We’re all guilty of calling ourselves when we miss that all important meeting or if the dinner gets burned while the attention’s elsewhere. All it does when we call ourselves bad things  is make us sad and we take a little piece of ourselves each time. It’s even harder to be compassionate when depressed or anxious but it is something that I am trying to adherence to in every day life.

2. To meditate every once in a while.

When my semi adoptive mum first suggested I try meditation I imagined humming, sitting cross legged in a dark room and occassional chanting of ridiculous words. To my surprise though, meditation is nothing like I thought it would be. I sometimes take a walk while listening to a guy telling me what to pay attention to and how it feels. It feels strange but it clears the mind of everything and gets you back to you and not the hustle and bustle of family or commitments. It reminds me that even though I’m ill I’m still a person and that I can enjoy the world around me.

3. That friends remove themselves.

Not deliberately. With my illness I tend to be negative and sometimes it can be draining to be around someone who is constantly putting themselves down or hating the world around them. I know since I revealed my illness to them they have been absent from my life and my struggles. I had an extremely tough few months last year and as I came out of it decided to contact a friend and she said ‘You haven’t been in touch for months. I didn’t know what to think.’ I have tried repairing bridges but they don’t want to know. I wish them every success in life. Sometimes people can’t understand the illness and see things as black and white. You either call or don’t call. They don’t call they clearly aren’t worth bothering with. Mental illness is much, much more complex than the absence of a voice.

4. To learn new things.

I’ve always liked learning things. Before my illness consumed me I was studying with the Open University towards an English Literature degree but sadly I couldn’t concentrate and felt it best to leave it until I was better. I’d previously studied creative writing with them a couple of years before and passed. There is always something amazing to learn. The world is full of mystery but we can’t appreciate it if our eyes are closed.

5. To love.

Depression and anxiety will only be temporary but love is a twenty four seven thing. Love, as they say makes the world go round and we can all play a part of that.


Idols and Ambitions

No character profile today as the book I had them in has mysteriously disappeared. I blame it on the ghost. Totally the ghost’s fault. 😉

In place of its absence I’m going to do something that I don’t do very often. That’s right. I’m going to talk about myself.

When I was eight I was asked what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’ by my semi adoptive mum. While everyone’s response would have been an astronaut or a firefighter mine was to be a teacher.

Not a bad job. Children need to be taught.

Unknowingly, at the time the one person who inspired me at the time was my primary school teacher who was fun and loving yet was stern but fair in her lessons.

Then as I reached the age of eleven I went from wanting to teach to wanting to be a singer. I remember performing Britany Spears hit Baby One More Time on a wall just up from my house in front of four people who probably thought it was a laugh but I can’t say that I didn’t laugh along with them. From there my music teacher enrolled me in singing lessons at the age of twelve/ thirteen.

I can’t put my finger on  who inspired me to sing. Maybe it was Britany Spears with her songs or something different entirely but it was something I did later as a hobby and went on to raise lots of money for charity.

I fell in love with acting in my fourth year of secondary school which saw me being partnered with a teacher to dance with and had to pretend she was guy. One of the most weirdest moments of my life but looking back at it always makes me giggle. I was also given one of the biggest set of lines to say in a play.

My idol for acting was an actress called Simone Lahbib who had starred in Bad Girls, a drama focusing on a woman’s prison which saw her character, Helen Stewart fall in love with one of the inmates. She’s still someone who I look up to even now.

The love of acting saw me take Performing Arts at college where I began writing my second novel. I’d already written my first back in secondary school.

My writing became more than a hobby at eighteen as I focused more on the big idea I’d had which would eventually become Pandora’s Kiss. I don’t know where my influence for writing came from but I think my enthusiasm for reading all genres helped.

Simone isn’t the only idol in my life. I also idolise my semi adoptive mother who lives in Australia with her family and the teacher who I danced with during that cringeworthy lesson. They’ve all taught me so much and I will be forever thankful for that.