A Childhood Lost.


Time for another Story Cube inspired story. Have any of you tried your hand at creating one? Give it a go! It’s a lot of fun. :).

One day Janie was playing in the garden with her Mr. Snuggles, her teddy bear and her Barbie doll. Having ran out of ideas what to do with them next she got to her feet and ran inside her house to get her tea set. She became distracted, however when the cactus that her mother kept on the kitchen windowsill started blinking.
     With closer inspection she could see a padlock chained around the body. Thinking it strange she touched it to see whether it had a key but the cactus sneezed. How odd. She thought. I’ve never seen a cactus sneeze before. Janie became even more alarmed when it started moving. She began to back away from it only to bump into Edward, the family’s parrot who chirped and flapped his multicoloured wings in surprise.
      Janie’s eyes caught sight of the clock. The little hand was pointed at the four and the large one was pointed on the twelve. She thought hard, remembering what she’d learnt about time that day at school. Four o clock. Daddy will be home soon. The thought sent a shudder up her spine. She left the house in a daze and went to sit back underneath the tree where Mr. Snuggles and her Barbie doll were waiting and she decided to groom them both instead.


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