Setting – A Story’s Best Friend.


Today I am going to talk about setting and why it’s important when writing a novel.

Setting is crucial when writing a novel. Not only does it give your reader an idea of the weather it can also set the tone for the scene or novel.

Why do I say novel? Surely the weather can’t set the tone for all of it? No. Of course not. A setting doesn’t boil down to just weather.

What do I mean, then by setting?

Setting is about time. When is your story going to take place? Is it going to be set in medieval times? The Bronze Age perhaps? Or maybe in modern day Britain with a bit of a twist?

I have struggled with setting when writing Pandora’s Kiss as there are two world’s; one is set in a medieval setting, the second is more futuristic. I have, and still am struggling with getting every detail just right. Before I started writing fantasy I thought it was about watching your imagination come to life and while it is you still have to make things realistic. That’s what I’ve learnt.

How can setting determine what the novel is about?

I’m going to use Harry Potter as an example here. In the first chapter we see Mr. Dursley encounter several figures wearing robes and pointy hats which gives the impression of a different world. This becomes true when Vernon then tells Petunia of what he witnessed in a disgusted manner. The them and us theme tends to continue throughout. Just like setting, having a theme is as equally important but that’s for another day. 🙂

while using the weather can create a sense a fear or excitement in a chapter it’s not vital to use it for every one. The weather can be important but just like we don’t focus on it in everyday living neither should we pay it attention in every paragraph.



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