A Sorcerer’s Secret


Here’s another short story inspired by Rory’s Story Cubes. Have a go at creating your own. :).

There was once a woman who lived in a tower with a man who kept her captive in a small room underneath the floorboards. She was fed bread and water at several hours of the day and not much else.
     One morning when she awoke she found a postcard addressed to her claiming that she was a lost Princess belonging to a world called Hysteria and that worldwide search was being conducted for her safe return. Nothing ever came for her in all of her twenty five years because nobody knew she existed. She found it very strange and blood curdling.
       She looked all over for a signature to see who had written it but she could find nothing but a handprint. She placed her own hand onto it but nothing happened.
       “Such a silly thing to do.” She scolded herself. “As if anything would have come of it.”
         A flash of white light eliminates from the postcard and soon an old man emerged. He is holding a walking stick and a robe in the other.
         “You are Princess of Hysteria. The beast of Aerion has you in his grasp. It is up to me, the great and wise Robius to teach you his weaknesses.”
        Robius taught her the element of darkness and how to draw down the moon. He taught her the element of fire and how to use it to her best advantage. He taught her the properties of time and how to move through, back and halt time. “You are ready, Princess Hortencia. May everything I taught you be ever in your favour.”.
    As Robius left through the portal of th’s postcard, Hortencia witnessed her first shooting star but not knowing to make a wish she just admired its beauty.
   She then heard the key turn in the lock and she geared herself up for the fight which would determine her life.


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