Dyanami’s Conquest


It’s that time of the week again!

Here’s another short story that was inspired by Rory’s Story Cubes.

It was a dark and stormy night at sea in late winter where a lighthouse stood, shining its light for incoming ships with the waves battering against the walls of the pier. The rain splashing off the roads and pavements.
       Amongst the darkness lay a fierce looking girl with a scar against her right cheek and her clothes torn showing many holes. She stands watching the waves, the moon round and bright making the sky a twilight blue.
       The girl reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small vial containing a thick, purple liquid that smothers the glass. She pops off the lid and pours out the liquid onto the wet concrete. The liquid bubbles and hisses and from the gloopiness rises a small figure dressed in leather, its skin a vibrant blue. His ears are pointy, his face angular and covered in hideous boils. The girl cuffs his hands together, frowning as she does so.
      “This is your doing isn’t it, Kimochi?” She asks her familiar. Kimochi gives a low mewl. “How many times must I tell you not to play around with the law of physics?”
       “But Mistresss,” Kimochi hisses. “The Goddess, Orianai warned that allowing nature to take it’s course would be fatal to all mankind.”
          “Mankind was screwed way before the great oracle came to pass. They screwed themselves over. This time there’ll be no chances. Just deliverence.” The waves crash against the rocks ever more violently than before and soon a cradle is seen swaying its way over to the girl. She bends down and takes the baby out of its bed. The baby cries softly, its eyes fixated on her, she gently shuffles her.
          “It’s all right, Odin.” She whispers. “You won’t be in this form very long.” She holds him in front of her, his cheeks a mint green. He raises a hand. It’s brown and wrinkly with a set of sharp nails. Odin is in fact a dinosaur instead of a baby.

Have fun creating your own mini story. You can share them in the comments or not at all.



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