A Sibling Tale


You might remember me talking about Rory’s Story Cubes last week. This is my first experiment with using them. I wrote this with my seven year old sister. If you want to give it a go just use the image above as a guide. You never know what you’ll come up with.

Once upon a time there was a young boy who liked to read. His name was Joesph and his favourite genre was Science Fiction.
    He loved reading about about giant maggots that invaded caves and heroes that blasted enemies into oblivion with their guns that emitted purple rays at the speed of light. He was so engrossed in his story one day, that he didn’t realise his sister’s presence. His sister, Mary planted a tarrantula on top of his head. He didn’t notice until its hairy legs began travelling down his face. He screamed with terror.
     But he loved his sister too much to have a go at her for her prank so he decided to return the favour. He knew she hated toads so with that he took himself to the pond in the woods. There, he swiped one underneath his woolly hat and quickly made his way to her room where he placed the toad onto her bed and called her.
     Little did he know that Mary was out catching insects in the nearby field and wouldn’t be home for some time.
After an hours had passed Joesph got  the toad and find her himself. Mary greeted him with a smile and a nod and planted the toad on her head when she wasn’t looking. She could hear a croaking and her eyes flew upwards but she didn’t scream.
    “Why aren’t you screaming?” He asked.
     “It’s poisonous and it’s already sprayed some on you.”
      Joesph fainted.

Of course, Joesph was all right. Mary had joked about the toad being poisonous to panic her brother. I enjoyed writing this particularly because of the theme of sibling rivalry and just how far it goes to be the best.



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