Introducing Rory’s Story Cubes


You’ve probably heard about these one way or another but for those of you who haven’t I’ll explain about what these are. 
Rory Story Cubes are dice which have pictures on all sides. There are nine in the boxes and three in the others. These are used in order to spark story ideas, a scene or just as a writing exercise.

What you do is roll nine dices and go either clockwise or anti clockwise to create whatever your mind sees fit. Not only can this benefit creativity but it can take you into genres that you never thought were possible. So far I have written a children’s story, a mystery and a crime which I’ll be sharing with you along with the dice that helped that story come to life. I hope in doing that you will have as much fun as I did creating your own stories.

You can roll more than nine dices to create stories. You can use eighteen or the whole package to create a trilogy or a novel. I’m yet to try that but I’m working on it :).

There’s criticism that these cubes are only suitable for children but that’s not true as creativity works the same either way. That comes from the rule that you can start with once upon a time but I only use that when working with my younger siblings. Most times I just write a beginning which comes naturally.

Creativity comes in all shapes and forms and these are a godsend for the days where my mind is just a blank canvas.

I look forward to sharing my creations with you all.



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